Friday, July 31, 2009

Gilt Groupe announces Gilt Fuse

Today we got a nice little email in our Inbox from Gilt announcing their newest site Gilt Fuse. This new site goes live on August 12th and is said to be Gilt's attempt to fuse fashion and affordability. We have had great luck using Gilt's original site. We've found exceptional deals and whenever we had any kind of problem, Gilt's amazing customer service people have been there to help us. Every interaction we have had with this site has been great including the amazing little notes they put in with every purchase.

Gilt fuse is said to have deeper inventory (less sold out stickers??) and lower prices. We are also excited because this site promises to sell some lesser known brands, and everyone knows, finding unknown brands is one of TheStylist's favorite things.

Membership to Fuse is invitation only, but if you are already a Gilt member you are automatically in.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Way We Wore: an amazing find in LA

Today we happened to be on La Brea in LA and stopped in to see what was going on at one of our favorite vintage shops, The Way We Wore. Little did we know, they are in the midst of a huge sale. Everything downstairs is an extra 50% off. We scooped up some amazing vintage high waisted white shorts and we spent about 45 minutes browsing through the vintage dresses.

We love vintage stuff mainly because we like to think of the places the clothes have been before we bring them home. We like to think that these white shorts spent a summer or two vacationing in Capri...

Visit the sale at The Way We Wore:
334 S. La Brea
Los Angeles Ca 90036
opened 11-7 Monday through Saturday
Sunday 12-6

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Current Obsession: Alexandra Derry from 4th and bleeker

We absolutely love Alexandra Derry's blog 4th and Bleeker. We found her awhile back and quickly fell in love with her witty writing and interesting style. We really wish that we could hang out with this girl and maybe have a few hours to play in her closet.

Anyways, just did a feature on Alexandra and her favorite things. We didn't know that she was so main stream...but it is also true that Vogue (and thus is trying to be more cutting edge. It doesn't matter to us how this feature came about, we are very excited to see it.

Some of our favorites, from her favorites: The Rolling stone CD boxed set and a hardcore Stephen Webster superstud ring.

Check out Alexandra's favorite things. Not going to lie, this article made our Thursday morning.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dress of the Week: by Keemia

Now that August is almost here, it seems that our summer social schedule is getting more crowded. We have lots of friends coming to visit, big beach volleyball tournaments to attend and friends birthdays and goodbye parties. Obviously with all of these events we end up spending a good amount of time debating an outfit for each one.

We love this Keemia dress for its unusual color (I mean we don't usually wear olive green) and the fact that it is very easy to just throw on. It's pretty short, so it's perfect for a night out. One of us actually wore it out in Hollywood this weekend...

Borrow this dress for $30, throw on some pumps and you have an easy, no brainer outfit for any of these events.

Check out Keemia's full line.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Photoshoot

Note from the founder:

We had a photoshoot last week on the beach in LA and it went extremely well. I can't thank everyone who helped us enough; our models, Jen and Regan, our photographer, Becky and my right hand (wo)man Linda. We had a great time and got some amazing shots of the girls playing in our dresses.

It is amazing when work is actually fun, and I can safely say, that this photo shoot was alot of fun. I am very grateful to have so many people always willing to help. I couldn't do much of my job without them.

Check out the picture above and be on the lookout for more to come.

Hope everyone's enjoying their summers, I know I just can't get enough of the long beach days.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen to be inducted to the CFDA in the fall

Here at TheStylist we never have shied away from admitting that the Olsen twins are two of our favorite style icons. While many people make fun of their boho tendencies we have loved and followed them from their first day in the industry. We adore Elizabeth and James and longingly lust after The Row t-shirts. We also, will shamelessly admit that we got their book Influence as a Christmas present last year. And, we love it.

So, after all of that rambling, we can proudly say, The Olsen twins will be inducted into The Council of Fashion Designers of America on October 21st. They will be inducted alongside Jason Wu, Alexander Wang and Mario Pinto.

Congrats to both of them.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dress of the Week: by Zhanna

Last week during our photo shoot we got to play a bit of dress up with our models. As the girls tried on dress after dress we got to fall in love with different dresses all over again.

This week we picked our black ribbon dress by Zhanna. One of our models, Regan rocked this dress for the shoot and it looked amazing on her. The black ribbon detail at the bust makes it extremely flattering, and the length of it (pretty short) makes it even more fun.

Borrow this dress for $50

Monday, July 13, 2009

It Girl of the Month (July Edition)

Okay, we admit we usually try and steer clear of socialites for our girl of the month. We like to find people that are interesting and inspiring for reasons other than being born into the right family. However, with Byrdie Bell, we just can't help but love her. Beyond who she is related to, we find her interesting and she actually is incredibly smart.

Who she is: Byrdie Bell was born Evelyn Byrd Lorenzen in 1985 in Chicago, Illinois. Her mom is a successful jewlery designer and her father in a New York Times best selling author. We love that she graduated from the United Nations school with an International Baccalaureate diploma in philosophy and theatre arts.

What she does: She is an aspiring actress, her most famous appearance was in Martin Scorsese's documentary "Rolling Stone".

Why we love her: Whether it is fully true or not, we see Byrdie as a bit of a "bad girl". We like to think (and it seems to be true) that she usually goes against what is expected of her. She doesn't act out like others might, but she does what she wants, and she does all of this with conviction. This is a girl who stands up for what she wants, in a sea of people who expect her to be a certain way. We respect that.

On her style:She cares about fashion just as much as the next young upper-east-sider, however, she differentiates herself from the rest of that group by picking daring fashion choices and going with the outfit that is less ordinary. We also think she would be extremely fun to go out with....

Follow her on twitter & check out her bio on TFS.

New Season of Project Runway Starts August 20th

Lifetime has just launched the new Project Runway website with all of the new contestants. The new season starts August it lame to say that we are counting down the days?? We don't think so.

We are very curious to see what changes were made as a result of the network change. We also have already spent a good portion of our day looking up the new contestants.

Check them out on the new Project Runway webpage.

Dress of the Week: by Ramona La Rue

Here at TheStylist we get very excited when we find pieces that we love from relatively unknown designers. We can't get enough of designers that work just under the radar. We typically find that our favorites are from designers that we have never heard of.

This week's favorite dress is no different. We had never heard of Ramona La Rue until we found this amazing dress. We love the vibrant print of this dress and the adjustable tie straps. We think this dress would be perfect for numerous occasions; a night out, an evening wedding, or even with a bandeau underneath for a daytime brunch. This dress could be paired with dressy heels or simple flats depending on the occasion.

Borrow this dress for $50.

Visit Ramona La Rue's site to see the rest of her collection.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't Forget we can Ship to you!

We have seen that we have alot of readers across the US, from LA to Boston and we want to make sure you know that you can all enjoy our dresses.

If you don't live in LA, we can ship any of our dresses to you. You have 24 hours to try the dress on and make sure it fits. If you ship it back within 24 hours (if it doesn't fit) then all you pay for is the shipping.

If you want a dress shipped to you just email us at

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Quick Note on Inspiration

While writing about Michael Jackson's influence on fashion yesterday and our favorite blogs this morning we can't help but think about what inspires people (especially artists of every form). People draw inspiration from art, photography, music, fashion and various places around the world, but for each person it is different. We find that very interesting.

The idea behind TheStylist is to allow young women to dress in new, fun items that they may be too conservative to buy or may not be able to afford. We want the dresses that we include in our collection to be inspiring, and we want our customers to be inspired by wearing pieces from our collection.

So what inspires us?

The list is too long to write here, but we will say that in our office we are always playing music, from various genres and different artists. We are always taking pictures and looking at photography and we are very interested in different aspects of the art scene.

We feel like being involved in all of these artistic genres is important. If we weren't inspired, what would be the point? So we have included in this post one of our most recent inspiration boards for summer. Hopefully it gives you an insight into the direction of TheStylist.

More importantly, what inspires you?

Vogue UK jumps on the blog wagon

We were very excited this morning to learn that British Vogue will now have a blog. We spend a good portion of our days here at TheStylist perusing numerous different fashion blogs for inspiration, ideas and just to keep up in the fashion world.

With this new blog coming out we got to thinking, on this lovely Wednesday morning, about what blogs we don't think we could live without. Okay, that's a bit dramatic, but we would be very, very sad without this list of blogs that keep us up to date, entertained and endlessly inspired.

Here's our list, enjoy:

1. Fashionista: Absolute best blog for day to day fashion news.

2. Modelinia: Okay we know it isn't a blog, but we visit this site at least once a day to stalk all of our favorite models (ahem Coco, Chanel, Erin...)

3. Sartorialist: We know this one is very popular, but we just cannot get enough of Scott Schuman's pictures. Whenever we are in a bit of a slump we always visit this one.

4. Inside Am-lul's closet: This is probably one of our favorites. This girl lives in London and embodies most of the style that we always aim to have.

5. Oh So Coco: Coco Rocha's blog. enough said.

Check these out and let us know your favorite fashion/art/style blogs!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's Influence on Style

We have tried to stay away from writing about Michael Jackson over the past week. Don't get us wrong, we did dance to many MJ songs this past weekend, and we do really respect the King of Pop. We just didn't want to contribute to the media hoopla.

However, we cannot help but comment on MJ's influence on style. He was the first one to rock the sequined glove, he made the black fedora popular, and the man's style was so eccentric and interesting it launched a great deal of trends.

For example, take a look at the Balmain jacket that was so infamously worn by Rhianna. It is obviously influenced by Jackson's typical sequined military inspired jackets.

The fashion world relies heavily on musicians (like MJ and Madonna) to push the envelope and create new cutting edge trends. That way when celebrities wear these looks, they aren't quite as "weird".

So on the day that Jackson lovers fill downtown LA to say goodbye to a pop legend, we salute MJ for everything that he has contributed not only to the music world, but to the fashion world as well.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dress of the Week: Cooper by Courtney Warren

We can't decide what our favorite part about this dress from Cooper by Courtney Warren is; the bright blue color or the incredible fit. This dress is definitely eye catching and the color is anything but boring. We love that it the fit is effortless and we think it is perfect with a great summer tan.

We also must point out that we love Courtney Warren in general. She grew up in Tyler, Texas and is really a true southern girl. She now designs incredible dresses in Dallas.

View her site to see the rest of her collection.

Borrow this dress for $50.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We love for many reasons...

We love because we think it gives us the best overview of every show, every single season, with pictures and reviews. We love that you can make your own lookbooks with your favorite styles. We are obsessed with the features they run with candid pics of fashionable people at different events and we love that you can search by model, celebrity, socialite and designer

Now we have something else to love. They just posted a quiz that tests your knowledge of Haute couture. We love putting this knowledge to the test, since it isn't every day that we get to brag about our knowledge of Galliano's past couture costume choices.

Take the quiz and see how you do.
We scored a 9 out of 10, not to brag or anything.

Thanks to Fashion, Art and Beyond blog for the Galliano pictures

Shopbop extra 25% off sale!

Hurry....we just got word that Shopbop is giving an extra 25% off of sale items for the next 2 days (ends the 2nd at midnight). We know we shouldn't be shopping, but it is just too tempting!

Enter Extra25 at checkout.