Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's Influence on Style

We have tried to stay away from writing about Michael Jackson over the past week. Don't get us wrong, we did dance to many MJ songs this past weekend, and we do really respect the King of Pop. We just didn't want to contribute to the media hoopla.

However, we cannot help but comment on MJ's influence on style. He was the first one to rock the sequined glove, he made the black fedora popular, and the man's style was so eccentric and interesting it launched a great deal of trends.

For example, take a look at the Balmain jacket that was so infamously worn by Rhianna. It is obviously influenced by Jackson's typical sequined military inspired jackets.

The fashion world relies heavily on musicians (like MJ and Madonna) to push the envelope and create new cutting edge trends. That way when celebrities wear these looks, they aren't quite as "weird".

So on the day that Jackson lovers fill downtown LA to say goodbye to a pop legend, we salute MJ for everything that he has contributed not only to the music world, but to the fashion world as well.

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