Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lady Gaga comic book to be available at Marc Jacobs stores

It's pretty obvious how much we love Lady Gaga, I mean, we named our mannequin after her!  We just got news that Brian Einersen is creating a comic book around this amazing lady, and it will be sold exclusively at MJ's stores for only 2 dollars.  We hear it is pretty funny and basically amazing.  So go grab one to get you through hump day!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We HAVE to have this

We just came across this bag on  Alexander Wang will be selling it along with his Spring 2010 collection.  He has redone his infamous duffel with see through material.  Wow, we wish we could get our hands on this now....

It Girl of the Month: Zoe Kravitz (September Edition)

Who She is: The daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, Zoe was born in LA in 1988.

What she does: Zoe is best known for her acting and musical endeavors.  She has been in numerous movies, most notably, No Reservations (with Catherine Zeta Jones).  She has also been involved in a number of new movies that are in post production and set to be released in 2010 including the much anticipated Twelve (with Keifer Southerland and Chase Crawford).

Zoe is also the lead singer of Elevator Fight, a rock band based out of Philadelphia. After listening to a few songs off of their myspace page, we must say, we are a bit impressed with her voice.

Why We love her:  This girl is busy creating her own path and making her own successes all the while expressing a style that epitomizes hippie chic.  She is always one step ahead of the trend, in style and in music.  She is dating Andrew VanWyngarden from MGMT.  We aren't usually ones to care about who is dating who, but we think this pairing is pretty cool.

On her style:  For Zoe, hippie chic was never a trend.  She has always thrown together outfits that seem to be effortlessly stylish.  She represents numerous trends but always manages to maintain a sense of her own style throughout the process.  Some of her favorites include: stacked hemp and wooden bracelets, flowy sundresses, headbands of all different kinds and if it's the right concert, she even will rock some facepaint.  We like to look at Zoe's outfits and gain inspiration from her out of the box outfits.  We think you should enjoy it too....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dress of the Week: Black Halo

This week we had to pick this navy dress by Black Halo because in the past week we have gotten a ton of requests from girls who want to borrow this piece for numerous upcoming events.

The dress is one of those "you have to see it on" pieces.  It is incredibly flattering, fits many different shapes and the cut on the bust makes everyone look great (catch our drift?).

It is perfect for a night out with heels and is just the right amount of sexy.

Borrow this dress for $50 here.

No Pants seems to be a very popular trend during the spring shows.  Will we see this off the runway as well (on anyone other than Gaga)? Is anyone brave enought to try this?  We aren't sure if we are...

Left to Right: Prada, Dolce & Gabanna, Alexander Wang, Charlotte Ronson

All pictures from Marcio Madiera for

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Nail Polish Color Picks for Fall

After all the NY shows we couldn't get enough of the interesting nail polish color choices.  Yesterday when we took a mid-work-day break to get our nails done, we picked the color creme.  It was a choice that we normally would not have gone for, but with everyone picking out of the box colors, we couldn't help ourselves.

Here are two of our aboslute faves.

1.  Chanel Jade: Currently sold out in most Chanel stores, you can grab this one online for $25
2. Chanel Allegoria: Sold online for $23

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dress of the Week: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent

We always have a hard time deciding what to wear to daytime, dressy events during the awkward time in between summer and fall.  Since we are very into layering this fall we have decided for these events we like the idea of wearing a great dress and topping it off with a long lightweight sweater.  This Cynthia Vincent dress is perfect for this transition from summer to fall. The colors are in line with the trends for fall and when paired with a lightweight, long cardigan and a pair of brown boots it is the perfect fall outfit. 
This would be great for a bridal shower, a luncheon, a work function or a daytime date.

Borrow this dress for $30 here.

London Fashion Week: Our Matthew Williamson faves

In his first show back in London in seven years, Williamson proved that he has range beyond his typical bright, airy dresses.  He showed a metallic theme with structured shapes, including some amazing high waisted shorts, skinny jeans and cutout dresses with powerful shoulders.  He revisited his Ibiza influenced, flowy dresses towards the end of the show to appeal to those who depend on him for that type of garment.  Overall we think that Williamson's return to London was a good thing, and we had a very hard time picking just three favorite looks.  After this show Williamson remains in our top 5 favorite designers of all time.  Who are yours?

Pictures: Marcio Madeira

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fashion Week Day 5: Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen

Yesterday we were very impressed by these three shows.  This was the first day of fashion week that we saw designers really stepping out of the box and producing interesting pieces.  We shouldn't be surprised since these are three of our very favorite designers.  Marc brought in the geisha influence, and said that he was sick of women wearing all black and studs (ahem, are we over the hispter look? and was that a jab at wang's posse?).  Marc expressed that he wants women to show their individuality through dress again, rather than all trying to look the same, in order to be different.  Marc's show included fringed bags, ruffled interesting pieces, some underwear as outerwear and not to be underplayed, a fanny pack.  His show lacked a bit of cohesiveness that his previous shows had, but we were far from bored.  We found this show to be inspiring, and overall one of the best that we have seen. 

Posen's show was more youthful than usual, and a bit more fun.  His designs were futuristically inspired with color block dresses and fabulous cuts.  We were more impressed with this show than we have been with most of his recently.

We do have to say however, that Herrera is our overall favorite.  Her dresses were impeccably constructed.  The fabrics were to die for and the cuts were unreal.  We literally nearly died over every piece.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fashion Week Day 4 picks: Derek Lam, Herve Leger and DVF

From today's shows:
We couldn't get enough of the neon accesories at DVF, especially set against the feminine floral garments.  The draping of her pieces was fabulous and we were overall very impressed by her show. Herve Leger stayed true to their typical body hugging dresses, but they branched out with new fabrics, textures and cuts.  Their models all looked creepily the same, and we got very sick of the overuse of some of their prints.  We loved a few pieces, but were mostly bored with the rest.  Derek Lam stayed pretty tame, but produced impeccably constructed garments (as always).  He showed his amazing talent as a designer with his show today.  Y-3 strayed from normalcy with an affinity for soccer nets (even dressing their models in them), but we found it interesting since it was something different.  Here are our three favorite looks from today.  More to come tomorrow.  Anxiously awaiting Zac Posen and MJ.

Pictures from: Mario Madiera, Imaxtree & Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Saturday, September 12, 2009

NY Fashion Week Day 3 Picks: Alexander Wang, Christian Siriano and ADAM

Today we died over Alexander Wang, not because it was daringly different (because it wasn't really) but because many of the looks were things that we would really like to wear.  We found Christian Siriano not to be super thrilling.  Some of the looks were boring and sadly we weren't obsessed with the contruction of many pieces, but we did love these two looks.  Adam came out with some great pieces too, nothing insanely creative, but again, many dresses we would actually like to wear.
Pictures courtesy of: Imaxtree, Jason Kempin/Getty Images North America, Frazer Harrison 

Fashion week Day 2: Erin Wasson for RVCA

It is no secret that we LOVE Erin Wasson.  When people ask us our fashion icon, we quickly answer with her name.  Not only is she Alexander Wang's muse and stylist, but she just is downright badass.  We were giddy waiting to see what her show would entail.  Obviously the show started late, the crowd was intense and very hipster and there was a surprise performance from the brooklyn group Gang Gang Dance.  As a former model herself, Erin packed the runway with big name walkers such as Chanel Iman and Lily Donaldson.  The crowd was it girl packed as well, Chrissie Miller, Harley Newton, Cory Kennedy, Taylor Momsen etc.  Let's just say she had NO problem filling the big tent in bryant park.

We love the desert influence, the southern california vibe and the drapery of many of the pieces.  Some people negatively critiqued the models "dirty" look, but we absolutely love it.

Here are our three favorite looks.

Pictures courtesy of Peter Stigter and Jonas Gustavsson / For The Times

Friday, September 11, 2009

NY Fashion Week Day 2 Picks: Vena Cava, Charlotte Ronson, Jason Wu and Yigal

pictures courtesy of: Imaxtree, Bebeto Matthews AP, Marcio Madiera AP, Diane Bondareff AP

NY Fashion's Night Out, in pictures

Left to right:
Coco Rocha @ DKNY, Harley Viera-Newton & Mischa Barton @ Tom Binns, Rachel Zoe at Bergdorf's, Alexander Wang, Mary Kate & Ashley at Bergdorfs, Rihanna.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fashion's Night Out Gossip NY

 We have been getting interesting updates from all the parties all over Ny are some of the best updates.

-Anna Wintour & Rihanna at Intermixx
-Alexa Chung djing at Miu Miu
-Rodarte girls at Barney's
-Harley djing at the Mac store in Soho
-Zac Posen, Alexander Wang and Mary Kate and Ashley at Bergdorf's.  There is no proof yet that MK & A have actually shown up though....
-Coco Rocha Irish Step Dancing at DKNY
-Bette Midler singing at Oscar
-The Rachel Roy party was doomed when they blew a fuse and the alcohol ran out, lots of sober people standing in the dark.
-Issaz Mizrahi says the theme of the night is "Buy my fucking clothes"
-Fashionista says "dudes were shotgunning beers at prada"
-the cut says "soho is like mardi gras right now with smaller boobs and more expensive beads"
- a random homeless man yelling "Maddox is a faggot" in front of bergdorfs.

More to come soon....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Paper Mags 25th anniversary party

Last night was the unofficial kickoff of NY fashion week with Paper mag's 25th anniversary party at the public library on 42nd street. We were dying to be there...but instead we were photographing dresses in our apt in LA while watching the premiere of melrose place. So today (and for the next week) we are living vicariously through all of our friends in NY, to get the scoop on this season's fashion week. Last night's party was said to be one of the best. The Virgins performed, Liza Minelli sang New York, New York and Queen Latifah allegedly rocked some serious leather leggings. The event was supposed to be black tie, but everyone (as always) broke the rules.

Everyone we talked to who went to the party said it was fabulous and that they had the best time. We can't wait to hear more reviews/gossip etc from the week to come. We just wish we could ditch our LA obligations for the week and hop on a quick plane to JFK. Since we can't we will be stuck in LA, blogging about all of the events...

Picture courtesy of Fashionista Polaroids

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dress of the Week: Mason by Michelle Mason

This week we are obsessing over one of our newest purchases, this purple zipper dress by Michelle Mason. The dress is perfect for a night out in vegas or Hollywood, or even an event where you really want to stand out. The fit is perfect, it isn't too tight and is flattering on many different body types. We love exposed zippers, especially with this dress where they legitimately have no function except to make the dress more interesting.

Borrow the dress here for $50.

Check out Michelle Mason's collection here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who What Wear Daily, an inside look

Who What Wear was one of the first fashion sites of its type to succeed in the crazy dog eat dog online world. Since the site began we have followed its evolution from two trendy friends messing around, to today, the day of the Who What Wear book launch party. We love Kat Power and Hillary Kerr, we love their style, their wit and we have been majorly influenced by many of their articles.

Fashionista today posted a great interview with Kat and Hillary. The article gives insight into how these two got their start and how WWW became what it is today. We were very happy to find this article in our inboxes on a gloomy, hot Wednesday morning.

Check it out.

Picture courtesy of fashionista

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 details NY fashion week's front row girls

We love fashion week for many reasons, but beyond the shows, we love to see who is sitting front row at each event and even more importantly we want to see what they are wearing. We always peruse fashion week pictures for the newest it girl, muse, blogger etc. now has given us a little guide pre-fashion week to prep us for the arrival of these girls (and yes we said girls, one of them is 13).

Check it out here and look for these girls in our future "it girl of the month" posts. The countdown to fashion week has officially begun....

pictures courtesy of