Monday, November 30, 2009

It Girl of the Month: Rumi Neely (November Edition)

Who she is: Rumi Neely was born in San Fransisco and now lives in San Diego

What she does:  Rumi is the founder of fashion toast, a blog that chronicles her outfit choices, shopping excursions and her general inspiration.  She recently has done a little collaboration with RVCA.  She also runs the ebay store Treasure Chest Vintage, which is known for selling out of it's incredible vintage pieces within moments.

Why we love her:  We assume that Rumi enjoys the hunt for clothes almost as much as she loves to put together the perfect look.  She has a certain curiosity that motivates her to look for  clothing in the most random places.  She then takes on the task of creating outfits that really express her own style.  She does this by adding in her favorite accessories, giant rings, and intricate necklaces (wow can this girl accessorize!)  We find her posts incredibly inspiring, and we have actually tried certain styles because of her blog.  And trust us, we don't say that about many blogs...

On her style: As with all of our It Girls, Rumi is a pro at mixing high and low items.  She frequenly finds the most amazing treasures at Forever 21 and H&M.   Rumi describes her style as "One part grunge, one part Parisian influence, then rolled around in the San Diego sand and dipped into a giant jewelry box. I love pieces that are both simple and fresh, and I have what I think is bordering on a fetish for ankle'll probably find me in shorts and my Chlo√© Doc Marten wedges walking to a bar by the beach to get lobster tacos."  We can't get enough of her edgy style (think platform black heals, studded flats), made softer by adding delicate jewelry.  Rumi also experiments with clothes more than most people.  Remember our post a few months back about her wearing a backwards sweater as a dress?

Oh and we can't help but mention, she has been known to hang out with Gala, our October It girl.
  We just can't get enough of these girls.  Check out her blog and twitter for more from Rumi.

Picture: top 2, posts from Rumi on fashion toast.  Bottom Left: Rumi with Gala Bottom Right: Rumi with Lubov Azria at the SS 10 Herve Leger show.  All pictures from Rumi's site.

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