Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Quick Note on Inspiration

While writing about Michael Jackson's influence on fashion yesterday and our favorite blogs this morning we can't help but think about what inspires people (especially artists of every form). People draw inspiration from art, photography, music, fashion and various places around the world, but for each person it is different. We find that very interesting.

The idea behind TheStylist is to allow young women to dress in new, fun items that they may be too conservative to buy or may not be able to afford. We want the dresses that we include in our collection to be inspiring, and we want our customers to be inspired by wearing pieces from our collection.

So what inspires us?

The list is too long to write here, but we will say that in our office we are always playing music, from various genres and different artists. We are always taking pictures and looking at photography and we are very interested in different aspects of the art scene.

We feel like being involved in all of these artistic genres is important. If we weren't inspired, what would be the point? So we have included in this post one of our most recent inspiration boards for summer. Hopefully it gives you an insight into the direction of TheStylist.

More importantly, what inspires you?

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