Monday, July 13, 2009

It Girl of the Month (July Edition)

Okay, we admit we usually try and steer clear of socialites for our girl of the month. We like to find people that are interesting and inspiring for reasons other than being born into the right family. However, with Byrdie Bell, we just can't help but love her. Beyond who she is related to, we find her interesting and she actually is incredibly smart.

Who she is: Byrdie Bell was born Evelyn Byrd Lorenzen in 1985 in Chicago, Illinois. Her mom is a successful jewlery designer and her father in a New York Times best selling author. We love that she graduated from the United Nations school with an International Baccalaureate diploma in philosophy and theatre arts.

What she does: She is an aspiring actress, her most famous appearance was in Martin Scorsese's documentary "Rolling Stone".

Why we love her: Whether it is fully true or not, we see Byrdie as a bit of a "bad girl". We like to think (and it seems to be true) that she usually goes against what is expected of her. She doesn't act out like others might, but she does what she wants, and she does all of this with conviction. This is a girl who stands up for what she wants, in a sea of people who expect her to be a certain way. We respect that.

On her style:She cares about fashion just as much as the next young upper-east-sider, however, she differentiates herself from the rest of that group by picking daring fashion choices and going with the outfit that is less ordinary. We also think she would be extremely fun to go out with....

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