Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vogue UK jumps on the blog wagon

We were very excited this morning to learn that British Vogue will now have a blog. We spend a good portion of our days here at TheStylist perusing numerous different fashion blogs for inspiration, ideas and just to keep up in the fashion world.

With this new blog coming out we got to thinking, on this lovely Wednesday morning, about what blogs we don't think we could live without. Okay, that's a bit dramatic, but we would be very, very sad without this list of blogs that keep us up to date, entertained and endlessly inspired.

Here's our list, enjoy:

1. Fashionista: Absolute best blog for day to day fashion news.

2. Modelinia: Okay we know it isn't a blog, but we visit this site at least once a day to stalk all of our favorite models (ahem Coco, Chanel, Erin...)

3. Sartorialist: We know this one is very popular, but we just cannot get enough of Scott Schuman's pictures. Whenever we are in a bit of a slump we always visit this one.

4. Inside Am-lul's closet: This is probably one of our favorites. This girl lives in London and embodies most of the style that we always aim to have.

5. Oh So Coco: Coco Rocha's blog. enough said.

Check these out and let us know your favorite fashion/art/style blogs!

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