Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Styling: Ten Year High School Reunion

You know how much we love styling (of any kind really), so when our friend Amanda from the blog I go You Go asked us to be a part of a styling blogger challenge, we quickly accepted.  The goal is to come up with two great looks for a 10 year high school reunion at a local bar.  Since this is the type of event that we frequently style women for, we jumped to the challenge.

Here is what we came up with. For a reunion like this we think it is important to portray your individual style and try and stand out a bit (think a pop of color or print that stands out).  However, you must wear something that is classy and sophisticated so that your old high school friends don't think you are trying too hard, or attempting to look the way you did 10 years ago...

Each of these items can be purchased at ShopBop (with the exception of TheStylist LA dress in the first look, which can be found on our website.)  Keep in mind, we did not think of budget when creating these looks (especially look 2).  But, most of these pieces have alternatives that can be found on less expensive sites.  If you have trouble finding similar things feel free to email us (info@thestylistla.com) or comment with questions.  Our styling process usually starts with creating looks from more quality pieces and then sourcing from less expensive places (a girl can dream to afford it all right??).

Hope you enjoy!


Amanda Smith said...

This turned out so fantastic! Thank you for participating!


Bang and Buck said...

fab looks!


Bang & Buck