Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Forever 21, You have got to be kidding.

We saw this today and were immediately disgusted by Forever 21's lack of respect for the integrity of other designers.  This clear knockoff of the red bottom of Christian Louboutin shoes, proves that the large discount retailer has no intention of stopping their massive business in knock-off merchandise.  Forever 21 has been sued for copyright infringement numerous times before, but clearly that isn't stopping them now.  We are shocked that they went forward with such a blatant copy of a luxury brand item.  Shame on you Forever, we are so dissapointed!


Alice said...

That's what Forever21 is -- a fast fashion store. That's what they are known for, and that's what they will always be.

It's really not that big of a deal. Do you think Louboutin is really losing customers over this? People who buy lower-quality knockoffs can't afford the real thing.

I know there is a principle involved, but you have to understand that not everyone can afford luxury; however, everyone wants to be able to. Think about it like this:

If you desperately wanted an original Monet, but couldn't afford one, and you knew someone who could paint really well, would you ask them to paint something similar?

Besides, red on the underside of a shoe is not much of a signature. You can't claim a color as a signature -- that takes so little effort. And not all of Louboutin's shoes carry it.

I am all for supporting fashion design as an art, but I think sometimes you have to see it for what it is -- something to be worn and enjoyed. Not something to get so easily offended about, or to be so serious about.

Anonymous said...

a LOT of brands have colored soles...

claire said...

obviously Louboutin isn't losing customers, but it's just tacky of Forever 21. Personally I am sick of stores like Forever getting away with copying everyone. They aren't just taking inspiration from other designers, they copy many items exactly.

Jane said...

Like Alice said, they're fast fashion. It doesn't matter if it's tacky -- that's what F21, Charlotte Russe, H&M, and similar stores are around for.