Monday, December 28, 2009

Best Dressed Models of 2009

Altamira, is one of our favorite fashion blogs and by far our favorite place to catch pictures of models when they aren't working.  Altamira just came out with a list of the best dressed models of 2009.  They include some of our favorites, including, Byrdie Bell, Chanel Iman, Frida Gustavsson and Leigh Lezark.  We often look to models for inspiration on style and this post just reiterates how pulled together these girls' looks are.

We aren't sure what standards were used to pick the best dressed, but we do trust Altamira's taste. Check out the list here.  Agree or Disagree?

All pictures from Altamira. 


altamira: models off duty said...

Thank You!

Jane said...

So easy to be a best-dressed model. When you're around fashion all the time, and you have money to spend, you're kind of conditioned for it.

Show me someone with little money, no stylist and no background in fashion.

Anonymous said...

It is fun to see what they wear, and gain inspiration for your own outfits from them.