Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hardcore 80's or Whimsical 70's? You take your pick.

In Tommy Ton's new feature for (yes we admit, we basically stalk him), Tommy explores the trends of the hardcore 80s look (studs, leather, zippers, chunky buckles) being traded in for the newer fad of softer styles from the 70s (lighter colors, billowy silhouettes, feminine, light-weight fabrics).  Obviously we have majorly bought into the 80's trends.  We have embraced studs in every way that we can, we have been wearing sequins, jackets with big get the picture.

We clearly know that this trend will fade out at some point, and we will look at these items with a bit of disgust (as we always do after a trend dies out), but we are a surprised that it is already being pushed out by the very opposite trend of the whimsical 70s.

Tommy's pictures however, are inspiring us to embrace these new trends.  The slouchy sweaters, comfy scarves and neutral color palletes do seem quite enticing.

Check out Tommy's feature here for some fall dressing inspiration: Au revoir eighties

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Courtney said...

love the 70's on board, 80's is a little overdone