Friday, October 23, 2009

Would you rather? Backpacks vs. Fannypacks

Yesterday Abby from Fashionista denounced the comeback of the fanny pack and
Refinery 29 did a piece on backpacks as a fashion statement.  Marc Jacobs debuted a few fanny packs in his Spring 2010 collection, and many designers have added stylish backpacks to their list of products for the fall and spring.  Just check Opening Ceremony for a slew of stylish backpacks.

Anyways, the debate goes on as to which of these two accesories of the past are making the real comeback. We have spent a portion of the day reminiscing about our amazing Kate Spade mini backpack (our first "designer" purse purchase as a teen) and thinking about how handy fanny packs are for numerous different costume options (college cemented our love of fanny packs).

What are your thoughts? fanny packs or backpacks? or neither at all?

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Anonymous said...

Fannypacks! OBVI!