Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who What Wear Daily, an inside look

Who What Wear was one of the first fashion sites of its type to succeed in the crazy dog eat dog online world. Since the site began we have followed its evolution from two trendy friends messing around, to today, the day of the Who What Wear book launch party. We love Kat Power and Hillary Kerr, we love their style, their wit and we have been majorly influenced by many of their articles.

Fashionista today posted a great interview with Kat and Hillary. The article gives insight into how these two got their start and how WWW became what it is today. We were very happy to find this article in our inboxes on a gloomy, hot Wednesday morning.

Check it out.

Picture courtesy of fashionista

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alimra said...

I like looking at when Im bored. Its a fun site, but I feel like they aren't adventurous enough and their postings have gotten a bit dull.