Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Paper Mags 25th anniversary party

Last night was the unofficial kickoff of NY fashion week with Paper mag's 25th anniversary party at the public library on 42nd street. We were dying to be there...but instead we were photographing dresses in our apt in LA while watching the premiere of melrose place. So today (and for the next week) we are living vicariously through all of our friends in NY, to get the scoop on this season's fashion week. Last night's party was said to be one of the best. The Virgins performed, Liza Minelli sang New York, New York and Queen Latifah allegedly rocked some serious leather leggings. The event was supposed to be black tie, but everyone (as always) broke the rules.

Everyone we talked to who went to the party said it was fabulous and that they had the best time. We can't wait to hear more reviews/gossip etc from the week to come. We just wish we could ditch our LA obligations for the week and hop on a quick plane to JFK. Since we can't we will be stuck in LA, blogging about all of the events...

Picture courtesy of Fashionista Polaroids

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