Thursday, May 5, 2011

Street Style at Sydney Fashion Week

We are obsessed with Sydney fashion.  It reminds us a bit of LA fashion, as it is casual, but put together, effortless but chic.  We love the brands that come from this fashionable city and we are thrilled that Tommy Ton is at Sydney Fashion Week this season to photograph the street style. Here are some of our faves!

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Zhenya said...

Love all of the turquoise accents!

Anonymous said...

You know I found Tuula because of you. She's Australian right? I'm now a fan of hers too.
Keep up the inspiring posts. Always entertained by your posts. Teri

Bianca Jade said...

Just got your friend request today but wanted to tell you, I love this post. I now want to go to the store and buy all new nail polish and paint my nails like this! Xo so cute!