Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Coachella Candids

Yes, we realize we have been obsessing over Coachella a lot recently...but so far we have only really focused on our amazing time there.  We realized today that we haven't posted pictures of any of our favorite outfits, or what our favorites did, or how the parties were.  We started searching for pictures/stories of what went on (that we missed out on while jumping up and down in the Sahara tent) and came across a few pictures we loved.  Obviously we had to post them here....

Source: Vogue and Refinery29. pictures from Phillip Lim/Lacoste/Mulberry Parties.

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inspiring looks!

Tori said...

i still can't stop thinking about coachella. love these shots. i have plenty of shots from the sahara tent on my blog.