Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex & The City 2 and Halston

Okay, we get it.  Sarah Jessica Parker is the Creative Director for Halston Heritage.  We get that she wants to publicize the brand, and that her name is now synonymous with the brand that has almost died more than a few times (we couldn't help but mention).  But seriously, did she need to wear Halston in the WHOLE freaking movie??
Sorry, we are a bit upset.  We went into the movie expecting to see the best outfits, put together from an array of designers, mixed with vintage pieces and other treasures found by Pat Field herself.  However, what we got was a closet of Halston Heritage, and the same pleated dress in 3 different colors and lengths. 

We were really hoping for so much more.  And let's be honest, this brand push is so blatantly obvious....

Please note, these pictures don't do it justice.  There are even more Halston outfits.  Also note, that we actually do like Halston, we just think that someone took the easy route in outfits for this character.

At least the shoes were great?

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