Saturday, March 6, 2010

Isabel Marant

Mixed feelings about the Isabel Marant show....we found the deviation from her typical studded boots refreshing, and her foray into feminine styles comforting.  We want the stud and hardcore trend to be over and we really want the ethereal, feminine, softer trend to take its place.  However, in this show, we really can't decide how we feel about the capri pants and the fifties influence.  Isn't it too soon for capri's to make a comeback?? Also, as much as we wanted to love the silver one shouldered dress that Erin Wasson rocked at the end of the show, it somehow reminded us of a bad eighties prom dress.  We love Isabel so much, and we did find a few looks we would nearly die for, but overall we are quite undecided.  Thoughts?

Above are the three looks that we definitely did like.

Photo: Marcio Madeira /

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Alimra said...

I really liked her Fall 2010 collection.

Yes, some of the glittery and colorful crop pants were a bit much but it worked well with everything else. I still felt Isabel Marant's signature bohemian vibe, even with the 50's biker inspired pieces.