Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Doc Martin's 50th anniversary

We have alot of fond memories of doc martens:
-wearing the 3 hole styles to our Catholic middle school (they were ALL the rage)
-waiting anxiously for our parents to return from their European adventures with new styles for the kids (as they were less expensive in Europe do to exchange rates and their originating in England)
-watching the brand evolve from just a few styles in black and brown leather, to white pleather boots and leather with disco flowers painted on.

For their 50th anniversary doc martin is producing two of their most popular (and classic) styles in a new fabrication.  Using pebbled leather and gold detailing the 1460 eight hole boot and the 1461 3 hole shoe will be tweaked just a bit for the newest generation.  We actually love these new looks, they aren't too different, but modernized just enough. It will also be fun to have some shiny new doc martens, but will they be as good as the beat up, worn in ones?


Ro said...

i just rescued my old Doc's from the wardrobe....they are just perfect!

Anonymous said...

what would we do without doc martens??