Sunday, January 31, 2010

It Girl of the Month: Willa Holland (January Edition)

Who she is: Willa Holland was born in Los Angeles in June of 1991.  Her father, Keith Holland is a cinematographer and her mother is an actress.

What she does: Willa signed with Ford Models at the age of 7, and was the top child model in the US until she was 11.  She did campaigns for Guess and Burberry, and many more.  She played Marissa Cooper's younger sister Kaitlyn on the OC and wild child, model on Gossip Girl.  She recently played a part in the movie Legion.

Why we love her: She stole our hearts as the bratty, partying model in gossip girl, and we will fully admit that her style on that show has made us love her even more.  She has mostly played bad girl parts, and seems to be a bit of a rebel herself (she started hanging out with the cobrasnake at about 16).  She is said to be a bit of a free spirit, but also a hard worker.  We can't help but find her pretty fascinating.

On her style: First off, Willa is absolutely gorgeous (which obviously helps with her style), but she also stands out in the fashion world on her own.  Her style is part edgy grunge, part bohemian and a little bit of classic beauty.  We love the way that she throws together ripped up jeans, an oversized sweater and looks amazingly put together.  She seems to be (through pictures) pretty care-free in her style, keeping things simple and not being a slave to trends.  It does help that this girl would look good in anything she puts on.....

We love Willa.  We think her style is intriguing and her attitude and look, quite lovable.

Follow her on Twitter here.  See her thread on the fashion spot here.


Anonymous said...

really??? this one sucks. she doesn't have talent. and style? ya right.

Sirena said...

I Love her. I think she has refused to conform to stupid hollywood standards and has stayed true to herself.