Thursday, August 27, 2009

An unlikely pairing

As NY fashion week gets closer, we get different news every day: Who will be showing at Milk versus Bryant Park, what celebrities are going to which show, what designers can hardly afford a show at all....the list goes on. Yesterday we heard that Sharpie will be an official sponsor of fashion week. We found this oddly exciting. We love Sharpies. We have a tendency to doodle with them when we should be doing other productive things. Word is that Sharpie will have a stylist in the tents (not sure what that entails) and they will be doing collaborations with designers like Rag & Bone and Charlotte Ronson. Those collaborations are what we will be waiting for.


alimra said...

Sharpies are makin' a comeback! FYI, doodling is being productive :)

Linda said...

Don't call it a comeback...sharpies NEVER went out of style!