Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project Runway Episode 1. Our pick: Christopher

After watching this first episode we are starting to think that switching to Lifetime was a good idea for Project Runway. Although we despised Lindsay Lohan as a guest judge (designing a legging line does not make the cut) we were very intrigued by many of tonight's designs and for some reason the show seemed more interesting than usual.
A few thoughts for the bottom two:

Mitchell: We didn't like your first gown either.

Ari: We don't even have words for what you created. Trying to be that different isn't good, it's just weird

As for Christopher, you may not know what shirring is, but you sure do know how to make a great dress. Before the judges announced him the winner, we decided he was our pick. It's interesting that he hasn't been classically trained in design and can still make a unique, fabulous dress with an amazing fit.

We are very excited for this season of proj run (yes we abbreviated the title). We love that it is being filmed in LA this season. The show has already featured spots that we frequent (FIDM campus and LA Mood Fabric). We are just waiting for the challenge that somehow involves Santee Alley.

There is also a good chance we will quickly become addicted to Models of the Runway as well.

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TheSylist LA DJ said...

YAY PROJ RUN! I hope this season brings us some new fabulous buzzwords a la "hot tranny mess" from my personal favorite, Christian