Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just got word: Anna Wintour on Letterman August 24th

Well this should be interesting...

Everyone is speculating on whether this Aug 24th appearance will do irreversible damage to her career (and US Vogue's for that matter). We know that Letterman will not shy away from asking her things that make her uncomfortable, and we are expecting that viewers will tune in to watch her squirm.

We are hoping, for her sake, that she shows a bit of human emotion in her attempt to promote The September Issue (out Aug 28th). It could be a good move for her career if she tries to melt away some of her ice queen persona. But, who knows what she will do? Also, a good portion of Letterman's fans are from Middle America, a place we know Anna doesn't know much about.

Let's just say we will definitely be tuning in.

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heather said...

ugh! Anna is being forced do all of this stupid press and act like someone she isn't just bc the shitty economy has her ad sales numbers down. It is kind of shattering a dream for us...seeing Anna stoop to the masses.