Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It Girl of the Month (June Edition)

Currently we cannot get enough of Russian IT girl, Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma. We understand that saying her name alone is a mouth full, but google image this girl and you will not be disappointed. She has some of the best style we have seen in a long time and to be honest, she's pretty adorable to begin with. We have watched her for months and just can't help but share some of our favorite pictures of her with all of you. (Also we must admit we are a tiny bit jealous of her fabulous life and collections of Birkins.)

Who she is: Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma, 24 year old Russian.

What she does: Miroslava is an Events Correspondent for Harper's Bazaar Russia. Rumor has it she is also currently studying economy at The University of Moscow.

Why we love her: She has such a compelling style, we don't ever get bored looking at pictures of her. She is a part of the jetsetting crowd and always is wearing or doing something that we find interesting. We love to live vicariously through her. We also think she would be pretty fun to hang out with.

On her Style: This girl accesorizes everything. She piles on the jewelery, grabs the biggest bag and highest heels she can find and waltzes out the door. She always looks dressed up and she isn't afraid to try new trends. We would absolutely die to see the inside of her closet.

pictures: 1,2,4 tfs. picture 2 sartorialist.

For more pictures and info on Miroslava visit the fashionspot's thread on her.

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